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 Los Angeles DUI - Criminal Process 

It is vital to remember that a Los Angeles DUI arrest triggers two unique hearings: a civil procedure and a criminal procedure.  The civil procedure for a Los Angeles DUI case comes in the form of a DMV APS hearing.  When you are arrested for a LA DUI you are given a temporary license (DS 367) which states that you have 10 days after your Los Angeles DUI arrest to contact the DMV Safety Branch in your area to request a hearing.  This hearing will determine whether the DMV will suspend your license.  If you fail to contact the DMV within 10 days of your Los Angeles DUI arrest you will automatically lose your license for 4 months if it is a first time L.A. DUI offense. 

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The Criminal DUI process is through the county courts and will determine if you have committed a crime.  If you hire an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney you will likely never have to spend a day in court since the attorney can make appearances for you.  Our attorney is ready and willing to defend your rights in your Los Angeles DUI case at both the DMV APS hearing and the court appearance.

Los Angeles DUI arraignment

The first step in a Los Angeles DUI case is the arraignment.  The date of the arraignment following a Los Angeles drunk driving arrest will be given on the citation the officer presents.  It will tell you the court date and time, which court and which department.  If you do not hire a qualified Los Angeles DUI attorney to represent you, you must show up at this court date.  You will be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the charges.  Generally, for a misdemeanor Los Angeles DUI arrest without injury or hit and run, the charges will be vehicle code section 23152(a) and 23152(b) violations.  If you enter a plea of not guilty following your Los Angeles DUI arrest you will be given a pre-trial date.  This is the point at which motions can be entered to dismiss, motions to suppress evidence, etc.  If you enter a plea of guilty at your arraignment following a Los Angeles DUI arrest you will be given your sentencing as determined by the judge.

The attorneys will always enter a plea of not guilty during the arraignment phase of the Los Angeles DUI criminal case.  This will allow time to obtain proper discovery in your Los Angeles drunk driving case which will contain the police report and all evidence that the Prosecution will present. 

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 Los Angeles Criminal Process for a DUI

Los Angeles DUI Pre-Trial

The Pre-Trial phase of a Los Angeles DUI case will most likely be the point where negotiations begin with the Los Angeles District Attorney.  This may be a good point to discuss reduction opportunities in a Los Angeles DUI case.  A plea, depending on the circumstances, may result in the best possible outcome for your L.A. DUI defense.  Motions will be brought in that may help to persuade the Prosecution to either reduce the sentencing or dismiss the Los Angeles DUI charges completely.  If an advantageous plea bargain cannot be reached during the pre-trial phase of your Los Angeles DUI case, our attorneys are ready and able to go to jury trial.  

Trying to handle the criminal process in a Los Angeles DUI case can be a difficult, costly and time consuming process - let our skilled attorneys do the work for you. Contact us today at 888-444-7210!

Los Angeles DUI Jury Trial

As opposed to the other phases of a Los Angeles DUI criminal process the jury trial will require the suspected drunk driver's presence at court.  The jury trial in a Los Angeles DUI case begins with jury selection.  The 12 members of the jury will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty of the charges against you in the LA drunk driving arrest.  While, the jury will decide your guilt or innocence of the DUI charges, the judge will decide the sentencing.  It is up to the judge's discretion in how to sentence a convicted Los Angeles DUI defendant.  He may consider recommendations from the state or hear from witnesses for the defense. 

No matter what phase of the criminal process in a Los Angeles DUI case, our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will work hard to make sure that the best defense is provided.  While he has a respected reputation amongst the Judges and Prosecution of Los Angeles County, he is also known for being a tough, smart lawyer who will not settle for anything less than the best possible outcome.  

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