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DMV Process for a Los Angeles DUI

The DMV process in a Los Angeles DUI case is the most timely matter as you have only 10 days from the date of arrest to contact the DMV Safety Office branch to schedule a hearing to save your driving privileges.  It is important to note that this 10 day rule does not include holidays or weekends but is a strict 10 days after arrest for a Los Angeles DUI.  The DMV hearing is a unique remedy and is a completely separate hearing than the criminal proceeding.  Your charges for a Los Angeles DUI could be completely dismissed by the court for a number of reasons, but you may still end up with a suspended license through the DMV.

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The DMV APS Hearing in a Los Angeles DUI will be handled by a DMV representative acting for the state and by the suspected drunk driver or their representation.  The DMV representative holds dual roles as prosecutor and judge in the hearing.  With this distinct duality, the DMV representative holds a powerful position in deciding the fate of your Los Angeles DUI case. 

At the DMV APS Hearing, the defense to a Los Angeles DUI case may present evidence as to the probable cause, validity of the arrest and the amount of alcohol in your blood at the time of driving.  The DMV will not consider whether you must have a license to get to and from work or support your family after a Los Angeles DUI arrest.  It will simply hear evidence on the facts of the L.A. DUI arrest and make the decision based on those facts alone.

Our Los Angeles DUI Law Firm knows how to handle the Los Angeles DMV for a DUI arrest.  Our attorneys will personally represent you for your Los Angeles DUI at the DMV APS Hearing.  Without the help of a qualified Los Angeles DUI criminal defense attorney your chances of winning a DMV APS hearing are slim to none given the "judge, jury and executioner" position of the hearing officer.

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Los Angeles DUI - DMV Process

Restricted Licenses and Concurrent Punishments following a Los Angeles DUI arrest

Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyersare also well-versed in obtaining restricted licenses after the first 30 days of hard suspension following a Los Angeles DUI.  He is prepared to present the necessary evidence to allow you to start living a normal life.  A restricted license will allow you to drive during the course of your employment and to and from your alcohol treatment program following a Los Angeles drunk driving DMV suspension.  While our main objective will be to keep you fully licensed following a Los Angeles DUI arrest, the fact that your license could be suspended is a reality.

Furthermore, if the DMV APS hearing results in a suspended license and the court convicts you of driving under the influence in the Los Angeles area you could end up with suspension from both proceedings.  We will work with you to run any sentencing concurrently so that you get credit from both departments.  This will result in the least amount of time with a restricted or suspended license after an arrest for aLos Angeles DUI.

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