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 Los Angeles DUI - Prior Convictions

Prior DUI convictions can cause an increase in fines, jail time, alcohol treatment programs and license suspension if they are within a 10 year period.  Even if you pleaded to a "wet reckless" is a prior Los Angeles DUI case or any other DUI arrest you can still be charged with a subsequent offense.  This includes any expungments.  A first through third Los Angeles DUI offense is generally considered a misdemeanor while a fourth or subsequent drunk driving offense within a 10 year period will more than likely be a felony offense. 

No matter what offense it is, if you have prior DUI convictions it is imperative that you contact a competent Los Angeles DUI attorney now to help you understand your rights. Call toll free at 888-444-7210 or fill our the FREE DUI case evaluation form to have a lawyer contact you directly!

Second or Third Los Angeles DUI offense

If this is your second or third Los Angeles DUI arrest, you could face much harsher penalties than on your first LA DUI conviction.  This could include mandatory jail time, a fine of up to $3000 and the possibility of losing your license for up to 3 years.  Even if you pleaded to a "wet reckless" prior to this Los Angeles DUI arrest it will still be considered a second offense.  A "wet reckless" is a reduced sentence which for all other intensive purposes is not a DUI.  It could result in no jail time, a less intensive alcohol treatment program (most likely 12 hours) and a less intrusive fine.  However, if you are arrested for a second DUI within 10 years of the original offense date you will be charged with a second or subsequent DUI charge.

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 Los Angeles DUI - Prior Convictions

Fourth or Subsequent Los Angeles DUI arrest

A fourth or subsequent Los Angeles DUI arrest is most likely going to be charged as a felony DUI.  This could result in state prison and a revocation of your license of up to four years.  A felony Los Angeles DUI could also be used against you in the "three strikes law" where if you have two prior "serious or violent felonies" your third felony could get you 25 years to life in prison.  The third felony does not have to be "serious or violent."  That means that a Los Angeles felony DUI could be considered in the three strikes law and result in 25 years to life in a state penitentiary.

Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Attorney after prior DUI Convictions

Our Los Angeles DUI Law Firm has handled numerous Los Angeles DUI cases where there are prior convictions.  Whether they are prior DUI convictions or other felony convictions, our attorneys know what to address and how to deal with every situation.  Our main goal is to keep his Los Angeles DUI clients out of jail and fully licensed.  We will fight to make sure that if your Los Angeles DUI case warrants a dismissal it will be dismissed.  Even if this is your fourth DUI conviction and you are facing a Los Angeles felony DUI conviction - you still have rights and our DUI lawyers are ready to defend them.  Call today at 888-444-7210 for a free Los Angeles DUI consultation.

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